5 most common non-food items swallowed by pets

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5 most common non-food items swallowed by pets 

Anyone with a dog, cat, puppy or kitten will know what inquisitive creatures they are. They will investigate anything and everything they encounter, and that sometimes that involves chewing and swallowing objects they really shouldn’t!

Photo Credit: Pinterest find

Thankfully, most objects our pets choose to swallow are small enough to be digested or passed without causing any damage, but every once in a while our curious critters bite off far more than they can chew – remember Macie, the Staffie puppy who ate an 8-inch knife and somehow lived to tell the tale? Lucky pup!

Macie’s case was an extreme one, but there are many items that our pets manage to get their chops around that can still cause them harm, and these are the usual culprits:


Yep, our pets – and dogs in particular – just can’t resist…

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