A filthy-rich, mentally unstable, narcissistic rapist walks into a bar…

Donald Trump has actively held office for just six weeks, yet the torment, nightmares, insanity, destructive, hateful attitude and narcissistic behavior, not to mention his open mockery and disrespect of disabled, women, homeless and more has become overly apparent.

My panic attacks have increased ten-fold when I read the news. I live in Finland, yet Donald Trump’s face is in our headlines every single day. Barack Obama’s never was, as he did not thrive in controversy and lies. I did join some groups on Facebook, in order to keep in the know about what is happening in Trumpland, however, the amount of nonsense posted overwhelmed me and set off more panic attacks. I would quickly leave those groups, not realizing that the “follow” still upheld, and they would continue to arrive in my news feed on Facebook. I then had to unfollow the groups, while dwelling on what I had just read, yet again.

Acerbic 04295

My heart feels sadness and pain at Donald Trump’s callous attitude and heartless decisions to disable those who are barely making it, while enabling the rich and powerful, making their health care free, suggesting they stop paying taxes, which will ultimately result in the only people in existence (at the end of his term) being the 1%, who will then literally run the world.

We are all living a nightmare. America’s president is mentally unstable, and his strings are being pulled by a world-class bully while, at the same time, he is being blackmailed by the USA-hating soviets. I only know their attitude towards it all because I follow RT news. It is an excellent source of news, but is commented with mountains of hate by readers, all of whom think Donald Trump is God, himself.

Love and hugs to you all. We need to be kind to ourselves and weed out the lies that come our way (which are frequent). Take care. Be safe. Know you are loved and that your fears are validated and understood. While I may not live in USA, the entire planet is suffering from Donald Trump’s actions, utterings and insanity.

Be safe, one and all.  I know that Karma is watching.

Rosie xx


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