About Rosie

When Rosie is not reviewing books professionally, she is busy helping other aspiring authors get their books off the ground and when she takes time off for holidays, she works on her own books!


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A domestic violence survivor, Rosie Malezer was born in 1971 in Queensland, Australia. She is a profoundly Deaf / legally blind Australian Aboriginal author, writer, Copy-Editor, Proof-Reader and Translator and is a proud member of the Gubbi Gubbi tribe. Gubbi Gubbi Country is situated on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She studied AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) in her youth and used it in her employment with the Queensland government to translate conversations between Deaf customers and police. When Rosie lost her hearing completely in 2014, she studied ASL (American Sign Language) extensively under the guided tutelage of Dr Bill Vicars.


Rosie’s father – a retired weapons specialist and military police officer of the Royal Australian Navy – trained her in the usage and safety of various guns at a very young age. Although she enjoys target shooting, Rosie is strictly against the idea of hunting for fun; her belief being that unless you need to hunt an animal for food and clothing in order to survive, animals should be treated with respect and left to live in peace.


Rosie now dedicates all of her spare time promoting awareness of issues relating to domestic violence, the vilification of her own people in her home country, as well as standing up for Deaf rights. When not writing, she spends her time doing everything she can to remove the communication barriers between the Deaf and Hearing people of the world.

PS: Rosie Loves cats

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3 thoughts on “About Rosie

  1. Love your blogs and so glad to ‘meet’ you. I am the Queensland Deafblind Community Development Officer and I would love to ask for some tips/advices from you to share with many deafblind people here in Australia.

    As a Deaf person I want respect for who I am. Therefore I can comprehend that for you too.

    DB x

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    • I am about to release a book called “How to be Deaf” which pertains not only to what it is like to lose your hearing, literally overnight, later in life, but also to be ridiculed or patronised because of it.

      The aim is to show people that they are not alone, that somebody else has gone through it too, and to show the people who patronise and ridicule that they are much less of a person than they think for doing so.

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      • I cannot wait to purchase my copy then and will encourage many people to buy one too. I hope someday I will be able to write beautifully like you do. It is my dream to write a book and to share my love for writing.

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