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Summer – a poem.

In Finland, when the mozzies get so bad that there are more of the rotten buggers than the angry, splashing droplets of falling rain, you sit indoors, gratefully looking at the insect screens which keep the blood-sucking monsters outside while you have every fan switched on (inside the house) just so you can breathe.

Please enjoy my short artistic expression of appreciation for the heat that makes me squelch when I walk indoors:


Oddly enough, both of my cats seem completely unphased.

Rosie xx

Deaf-shamed at Hesburger

I am still shaking right now.  While this may not be book-related, it hurts me to the very core and is a prime example of how the Deaf community are treated in Finland.  After today’s incident, which had me in tears, I won’t be a patron of their stores again.  I have just sent the following complaint to them directly – not that I see it having any action taken.



Today my husband and I went to Hesburger close to our home in Utsjoki, which we try to do at least once per month. I am Deaf/blind so it makes it quite difficult to do many things outside my home. We do try to make the trip monthly, however, as it is nice to eat away from home occasionally.  My husband ordered for us both, ordering the chicken tortilla meal and chicken nuggets, before he realized (before I had opened the tortilla packaging at all) that he’d forgotten to tell them “no jalepenos.” I am allergic and have an anaphylaxis reaction to them.  I’d also forgotten to refill my Epi-pen prescription, as it is so expensive now.

When we took the unopened tortilla to the counter and asked it to be exchanged, the manager (she was wearing manager’s uniform) said absolutely not, she will only replace it if we buy another one. This had happened once before in the past eight years (that time at Lielahti) and the manager was happy to exchange for one without jalepeno, as the alternative was possible death. After my husband was refused, I personally asked (I am unable to talk properly) if I can please exchange it for one without jalepeno as I have anaphylaxis reaction.  After I had spoken out loud, the manager laughed, shook her head (NO) and walked away from the counter laughing. As a Deaf woman, it is embarrassing for me to talk out loud AT ALL but then to be laughed at about something so serious was humiliating. I left the restaurant in tears, without my money and without my tortilla. I am still shaking and will never go to Hesburger again. I am sad that this is how your Deaf community is treated.



With so much crap happening in the world, whether in the middle-east, in USA – at the hands of narcissistic president, Donnie Donut – and in so many other places, do people really have to continually treat Deaf and disabled folks so shamefully?  It is sad, especially in Finland, where our country is seen as a leader in so many other aspects in the world, that the Deaf and disabled are still treated like the comedian, hired to entertain at parties because of their inability to speak or hear.




To that one person who works at Hesburger, taking such delight in shaming the Deaf woman in public today, may Karma befall you and may you truly feel the shame which you made me feel today



Baldwin’s Latest SNL Skit Has Trump Voters Saying “Too Far”

SNL has made life bearable, since the “election” of Trump. Please keep the laughs coming, Alec 🙂

Tom Hasle

Alec Baldwin returned to “Saturday Night Live” as POTUS to tout all his supposed wins this week and to ensure he still has his fans’ support-or lack thereof it.

“I met with leaders from China, Egypt and Jordan. Gorsuch was confirmed,” Trump boasted to the crowd. “The media is saying nice things and no one’s talking about Russia. What a difference just 59 tomahawk missiles can make.”

But when a coal miner, played by cast member Kyle Mooney, asked Trump a question about a federal rehab program that’s preventing his wife from moving to a new town with him, Trump brought up how alike he and his supporter really are.

Many have been saying the jokes have been taken too far though. See for yourself and let us know in the comments if you think it was too far or not.

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Saying Goodbye


Saying Goodbye, Euthanasia, or “putting a pet to sleep”, is one of the hardest decisions we ever have to make as pet owners. In the seemingly short time that they spend in our lives our pets become much loved and cherished companions; they are part of our family and for some people they are a best friend, so saying goodbye is always going to be a really hard thing to do.
Most of us fear the day when our pets just cannot go on any longer and we hope that when they do die, they will pass away peacefully in their sleep, in their own bed and in their own home, but sadly for many of us this does not happen and, in these cases, euthanasia is the kindest thing that we can do for our pet to prevent unnecessary suffering and pain.

When Is The Right Time?

Every cat, owner…

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Cathood Compendium 1: Cover Reveal!

I am so excited to release the finalised cover of an almost 300 page interactive story/coloring book for children in paperback.

The Cathood Compendium consists of the first three volumes of Muffin & Milly’s Big Fat Tales, and with an extra exciting story added as a bonus, the kids will have many hours of fun and excitement to keep them busy!

3_Cover PNG_2_eg

My amazing illustrator, Martu Germinario, and I have been putting in endless hours in order to bring these delightful animal tales to life, by way of paperback, and at this stage, it will be ready for release at the end of July of 2017.

Thank you to all for your patience and support, as I finally watch my dream become a reality.  I will further update you as we get closer to the release date.

Have a great week, and talk to you soon!

Rosie xx

5 most common non-food items swallowed by pets


5 most common non-food items swallowed by pets 

Anyone with a dog, cat, puppy or kitten will know what inquisitive creatures they are. They will investigate anything and everything they encounter, and that sometimes that involves chewing and swallowing objects they really shouldn’t!

Photo Credit: Pinterest find

Thankfully, most objects our pets choose to swallow are small enough to be digested or passed without causing any damage, but every once in a while our curious critters bite off far more than they can chew – remember Macie, the Staffie puppy who ate an 8-inch knife and somehow lived to tell the tale? Lucky pup!

Macie’s case was an extreme one, but there are many items that our pets manage to get their chops around that can still cause them harm, and these are the usual culprits:


Yep, our pets – and dogs in particular – just can’t resist…

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A filthy-rich, mentally unstable, narcissistic rapist walks into a bar…

Donald Trump has actively held office for just six weeks, yet the torment, nightmares, insanity, destructive, hateful attitude and narcissistic behavior, not to mention his open mockery and disrespect of disabled, women, homeless and more has become overly apparent.

My panic attacks have increased ten-fold when I read the news. I live in Finland, yet Donald Trump’s face is in our headlines every single day. Barack Obama’s never was, as he did not thrive in controversy and lies. I did join some groups on Facebook, in order to keep in the know about what is happening in Trumpland, however, the amount of nonsense posted overwhelmed me and set off more panic attacks. I would quickly leave those groups, not realizing that the “follow” still upheld, and they would continue to arrive in my news feed on Facebook. I then had to unfollow the groups, while dwelling on what I had just read, yet again.

Acerbic 04295

My heart feels sadness and pain at Donald Trump’s callous attitude and heartless decisions to disable those who are barely making it, while enabling the rich and powerful, making their health care free, suggesting they stop paying taxes, which will ultimately result in the only people in existence (at the end of his term) being the 1%, who will then literally run the world.

We are all living a nightmare. America’s president is mentally unstable, and his strings are being pulled by a world-class bully while, at the same time, he is being blackmailed by the USA-hating soviets. I only know their attitude towards it all because I follow RT news. It is an excellent source of news, but is commented with mountains of hate by readers, all of whom think Donald Trump is God, himself.

Love and hugs to you all. We need to be kind to ourselves and weed out the lies that come our way (which are frequent). Take care. Be safe. Know you are loved and that your fears are validated and understood. While I may not live in USA, the entire planet is suffering from Donald Trump’s actions, utterings and insanity.

Be safe, one and all.  I know that Karma is watching.

Rosie xx

Snow, where for art thou?

Global warming is such a touchy subject for the rich.  After all, people who try to save the planet are, in effect, stopping the rich from stuffing their pockets and bank vaults with funds from the benefits they reap, while destroying air, land and water.

Finland has barely seen snow in the last couple of years, compared to the mountains of it, which would appear in every outdoor area that was not covered by trees, when I first moved here from Australia.

The rooftops of all the homes around me do not have a single drop of snow on them, regardless that I live in the northern parts of Finland.  It worries me, especially now, that birds which are natural to Siberian regions, are currently being spotted here, in Finland, showing that even the coldest of places are being struck by heat-bug, which is Global Warming.


I hope and pray that the backwards, inbred, thinking-challenged folks who believe that global warming is a myth (the rich who believe money out-values life, itself), wake up and smell the roses… but the way things are going, roses may also soon become a thing of the past.

To those of you, whose feelings have been hurt by these socially-sensitive comments, please empty your pockets, and recharge your soul at the door… as I slam it on your way out.

Love and peace,

Rosie xx