A Yule Message

As we all know, 2018 has been quite a tumultuous year.  My own year started out with smiles and glitter and ended in homelessness.  Each day is hard but I strive for my end goal to once more be reunited with my ailing husband.

Whether your days are sprinkled with smiles and glitter or you are having a hard time of things, I want to wish you all a Hyvää Joulua / Blessed Yule / Merry Christmas and more.  It doesn’t matter which faith you follow, which country you are from or what colour your skin, eyes or the colour of your hair.  My love to you and your families, and be safe.  I hope and pray that 2019 brings a smile to each and every one of you in these difficult times.


I will seek my ray of light throughout the darkest months of winter and refuse to give up hope that my husband and I will have a happily ever after.

Marko has suffered a fractured skull, fractured cheek bone, brain bleed, kicked out teeth and more, followed by a stroke.  While he is currently in the care of his mother, he lives in my heart and soul as I send all my strength and happiness his way.

Remember to hug all of your loved ones, reminding them that they are loved and are never alone, no matter what each day brings.

Blessed Be to you all,

Rosie xx

One thought on “A Yule Message

  1. My treasured and precious friend,
    My heart lifts you up in prayer and holds you tight with warm love and deep caring. You are among my greatest blessings, and while we have never met in person and live an ocean apart, you are close to me always,
    God bless you.
    With love always,


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