Readers’ Favorite Award Contest

With the contest deadline fast approaching, I did today what I did not have the funds to do last year (or the guts) and I submitted my Non-Fiction book “Change Your Name and Disappear” to the competition.


The story is of my terrifying days spent with my violent ex – beatings, rapes, abuse… the death of my son.  It is not a pretty story to read, but hopefully it will help other women in the same situation that I was in see that there is hope, even though everything might seem hopeless and lost.

Is it odd that I am both terrified of what I have just done and excited at the same time?  I know that sometimes the past needs to be left in the past, but even now – 20+ years later – I am still learning to deal with what has happened and move on.

I no longer live in harm’s way, have learned American Sign Language in order to communicate each day, and am slowly learning that every new day brings a new kind of strength and resilience, just knowing that I survived.

I hope I do not fall flat on my face with my submission to the contest.

Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Readers’ Favorite Award Contest

  1. My dear Rosie,
    You could NEVER fall flat on your face. You have already won by being courageous in you life, in sharing your story, and in placing enough faith in yourself to enter. Your heart is one of the most amazing hearts I have ever encountered, and for this, I am a better person and a very blessed person as well.

    I wanted to let you know that the Christian edition of Hogan’s Hope: A Deaf Dog, A Courageous Journey, and A Christian’s Faith is now out. It is the same manuscript except I put the Scripture back into its pages. My intent was to always have published this way but, on the advice of the editor, took them out so it would appeal to a larger market. I have already gotten requests for presentations. Thank you, dear friend, for your continued support.

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