Facebook theft leads to deletion

Hi folks,

Due to Facebook taking it upon themselves to illegally siphon funds from my bank account over advertisements which THEY have chosen to boost, I have decided to jump ship and abandon the failing social media platform.

My sites on Facebook (Rosie Malezer / The Cathood Blog / Cathood Press) and more will be permanently deleted within the next 24 hours.  I will instead be transferring all of my online dealings to Twitter in the hopes of the same occurrence not repeating itself.


Mark Zuckerberg has been in the media many times lately.  Sadly, none of these reasons are for newsworthy happenings which are good.  Unfortunately, I have now (first-hand) found out why after having my own bank account raided by the social media platform.

I can now be found on Twitter alone, with my personal account @rosiemalezer and my not-for-profit business account @cathoodpress always on the go.  Please feel free to follow and I shall do so in return.

Happy publishing, all, and thank you for all of the incredibly high quality books to read and review.  Nothing makes me smile more than seeing the talent shining from you all.


Rosie Malezer

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