Deaf-shamed at Hesburger

I am still shaking right now.  While this may not be book-related, it hurts me to the very core and is a prime example of how the Deaf community are treated in Finland.  After today’s incident, which had me in tears, I won’t be a patron of their stores again.  I have just sent the following complaint to them directly – not that I see it having any action taken.



Today my husband and I went to Hesburger close to our home in Utsjoki, which we try to do at least once per month. I am Deaf/blind so it makes it quite difficult to do many things outside my home. We do try to make the trip monthly, however, as it is nice to eat away from home occasionally.  My husband ordered for us both, ordering the chicken tortilla meal and chicken nuggets, before he realized (before I had opened the tortilla packaging at all) that he’d forgotten to tell them “no jalepenos.” I am allergic and have an anaphylaxis reaction to them.  I’d also forgotten to refill my Epi-pen prescription, as it is so expensive now.

When we took the unopened tortilla to the counter and asked it to be exchanged, the manager (she was wearing manager’s uniform) said absolutely not, she will only replace it if we buy another one. This had happened once before in the past eight years (that time at Lielahti) and the manager was happy to exchange for one without jalepeno, as the alternative was possible death. After my husband was refused, I personally asked (I am unable to talk properly) if I can please exchange it for one without jalepeno as I have anaphylaxis reaction.  After I had spoken out loud, the manager laughed, shook her head (NO) and walked away from the counter laughing. As a Deaf woman, it is embarrassing for me to talk out loud AT ALL but then to be laughed at about something so serious was humiliating. I left the restaurant in tears, without my money and without my tortilla. I am still shaking and will never go to Hesburger again. I am sad that this is how your Deaf community is treated.



With so much crap happening in the world, whether in the middle-east, in USA – at the hands of narcissistic president, Donnie Donut – and in so many other places, do people really have to continually treat Deaf and disabled folks so shamefully?  It is sad, especially in Finland, where our country is seen as a leader in so many other aspects in the world, that the Deaf and disabled are still treated like the comedian, hired to entertain at parties because of their inability to speak or hear.




To that one person who works at Hesburger, taking such delight in shaming the Deaf woman in public today, may Karma befall you and may you truly feel the shame which you made me feel today




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