Snow, where for art thou?

Global warming is such a touchy subject for the rich.  After all, people who try to save the planet are, in effect, stopping the rich from stuffing their pockets and bank vaults with funds from the benefits they reap, while destroying air, land and water.

Finland has barely seen snow in the last couple of years, compared to the mountains of it, which would appear in every outdoor area that was not covered by trees, when I first moved here from Australia.

The rooftops of all the homes around me do not have a single drop of snow on them, regardless that I live in the northern parts of Finland.  It worries me, especially now, that birds which are natural to Siberian regions, are currently being spotted here, in Finland, showing that even the coldest of places are being struck by heat-bug, which is Global Warming.


I hope and pray that the backwards, inbred, thinking-challenged folks who believe that global warming is a myth (the rich who believe money out-values life, itself), wake up and smell the roses… but the way things are going, roses may also soon become a thing of the past.

To those of you, whose feelings have been hurt by these socially-sensitive comments, please empty your pockets, and recharge your soul at the door… as I slam it on your way out.

Love and peace,

Rosie xx


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