How to Enjoy Working from Home When You’re a Cat Parent


Around October 2014, my husband and I adopted an adorable gray and white kitten we named Arya. Around the same time, I started working from home as a writer.

Sure, my timing could have been better. It’s not easy to stay focused with a cute kitten running around. But it’s not impossible.

After two years of working from home, I’ve collected a few tips that ensure a more productive day, keep your cat from destroying expensive office equipment, and help you both enjoy each others company to the fullest.

1. Build scheduled play sessions into your day


One of the perks of working from home with a cat is that you have your buddy with you all day.

But your cat probably doesn’t understand the concept of “work.” To her, you’re available full-time for games.

If you decide to ignore her natural instincts to play, expect trouble. Instead of playing…

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