Copyright Infringed Upon? Issue a DMCA Notice. It’s your right!

I have, this week, again found web sites illegally selling my work, stealing the royalties for my hard work for themselves.  Whether your occupation is in art, music or literature, you will always be susceptible to these types of scoundrels and thieves.  The Digital Millenium Copyright Act is a US law intended to protect the rights of copyright holders whose work is being infringed online.

One site makes the issue of a DMCA Notice easy, AND IT IS FREE!




Even if you have no legal experience, feel you are not computer literate or confident enough to write a DMCA Notice on your own, Who Is Hosting This will automatically generate one on your behalf.  All you need do is copy and paste the final product to the CONTACT US page of the scum-sucking slime bags who so happily steal your work.

Do not tolerate others stealing your work.  Theft is theft, whether physical or digital, and it is your right to act upon it.

May your weekend be free of copyright infringement and filled with joy!

Rosie xx


3 thoughts on “Copyright Infringed Upon? Issue a DMCA Notice. It’s your right!

  1. Hi Rosie! Remember me from Authonomy? We reviewed each other for a bit before the site closed.

    I have just recently gotten into blogging, so I just found your wordpress!

    Also, how awful that people are stealing your work. I’m glad you’ve discovered a way to find them out. Thanks for sharing, that might be useful for me when/if I decide to publish something.

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      • Thanks! I’m also excited to check out some of your newer work and your blog.
        I had a very stressful year so I haven’t been writing as much as I wanted to, but just got back to it a few weeks ago. I’m now on WritersCafe instead of Authonomy. It’s OK, but not quite as good.
        The link looks interesting, I’ll read it in detail later.

        P.S.: This is my blog: You might have found the other one, which I’m not using as much anymore.

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