A great site for Indie authors!

With more and more authors deciding to independently publish their own books, whether they be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s books or a miriad of other genres, one excellent resource to have is a place to generate your ISBN barcodes and professionally produce your covers (for print).

Those who choose to utilise the free services of CreateSpace – an independent avenue which I use for most of my publications and personally vouch for in regards to quality and customer service – you do not need cause yourself major worries over the book cover or ISBN process.  One site which will help you, down to the smallest detail, is BOOKow.

Click the image below to receive your free bar code:



The biggest hurdle I would always encounter when publishing is the final (perfected) layout of the cover.  Even with the step-by-step instructions, which are supposedly so easy that a chimp could follow them (a very SMART chimp), I was still left scratching my head.  Thanks to the free book cover generator for CreateSpace (as provided by BOOKow), I am now able to produce a perfect cover every single time without creating a new grey hair on my head.

By clicking the image below, you will be taken to a page where you simply input your book size and page count in order to receive a zip file for free (direct to your email address) in both PDF and PNG format:


Oh, and if you need a proof-reader or copy-editor to ensure the layout, spelling, grammar and design of the interior of your book are ready for publication, drop me an email or scan the QR code on my business card below:


While my services are not free, my rates are very competitive.  Remember, the more you advertise, the more books you sell.  The most powerful and compelling recommendation is one by word-of-mouth, so make yourself as visible as possible to potential readers worldwide.

Happy writing!

Rosie xx


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