6 Tips and Tricks For Dealing With Litter Box Issues

Always make sure you have one extra box than you have cats. If you have 3 cats, have 4 litter boxes!

Our cats all have decent sized mats under their boxes so they have somewhere to wipe their feet when they are finished tackling their business inside. We also use covered litter boxes (like little caves) but ensure the door is removed each time we buy a new one. Our cats love their privacy, but they also enjoy breathing 😉


Hi everyone,

Please find below a Guest Post by Amber Kingsley with useful tips around keeping your house safe without harming your cat.

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6 Tips and Tricks For Dealing With Litter Box Issues

Dealing with a litter box is just one of the many responsibilities of having a cat in your flat. But you’re certainly not alone since sales of cat litter in the UK is estimated to be worth up to £120 million. Britain’s kittens (and older cats) use up to 260,000 tonnes of the dusty substance annually, that’s a lot of litter!

So unless you’ve trained your feline to use the toilet, which is possible in some cases, you’ll need to scoop daily and change the litter box regularly. In this light, here are 6 tips on making this routine and space as clean and simple as possible:

image01#1 –…

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