Mission Accomplished!

I am still smiling, numb, shaking, in disbelief that I actually did it.  The motorcycle ride from Tampere to Utsjoki was incredible, although I had to stop a few times along the way when I felt a panic attack coming on.

Agoraphobia and PTSD were seriously knocking on the back door inside my head to the stage where it almost kicked the door down, but I eventually arrived, safe and sound, albeit a little shaken (but not stirred).


I guess that was the second-biggest part of the move between my two favourite Finnish towns.  The biggest part comes when our furniture, carried by my mother-in-law and myself, will be shuffled into the moving van (driven by my currently-sick husband) to our new location.

The most wonderful part about all of this is the view.  I sit at the computer and stare out the window at the rabbits, hares, squirrels, and occasional bear, moose, reindeer and lynx, grateful for everything that I have.  Although Deaf/blind, I am still able to enjoy the blurred colours of nature as I write my books, read and edit other people’s books and see my cats go nuts over the wildlife which they have never before seen.

Thank you, Goddess, for everything which is good in my life.  I have never been so grateful.

Rosie xx


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