The blessings and shrapnel of life

It has been so crazy-busy over the past two weeks, not only in publishing, editing and reviewing, but also around the world.

America is soon going to the polls to vote for a new leader, and I worry for the future of us all because of one candidate in particular.  I don’t even have to say his name.

Australia has just been to the polls, leaving a hung parliament and two amazing faces in the Senate which have everybody talking:  Derryn Hinch and Pauline Hanson.  While both independents, they are about to send a shock-wave through Australia like never before.  I wish my birth country all the very best and hope that Australia can some day be mentioned in conversation around the world without giggles, mockery and shame.

Learning that Facebook has deleted and banned the accounts of all women named Isis is very upsetting to me.  Islamic State / Daesh are NOT Isis.  The media have defamed the name of a Goddess that is much older than the itch in their great great grand-daddy’s undies and now girls, women, businesses, and even PETS, are all paying the price.  Heartless morons are euthanising their pets for having the name Isis.  Nutella refuses to put the name Isis onto personalised jars of one of their most delicious snack foods.  And now Mark Zuckerberg has jumped on the band-wagon, banning the name given to so many babies due to a Goddess who is all about love, harmony, health, fertility and peace.  The fact that the media splash Daesh’s cowardly acts all over their front pages, almost promoting and patting the terrorists on the back, makes me wonder why these people got into journalism in the first place.  Many people hate the world we live in.  I will unashamedly pray, with every last breath, to the Goddess Isis, that peace, harmony and love are restored to our planet before it is too late for the next generation.

I have personally been hard at work, reading and reviewing new books that land on my cyber-desk.  Some days it is hard to choose from 2-3 incredible books as to which will end up ‘Book of the Week.’  One of the most hard-hitting, emotional books I have ever read is one called DEAR DAD, narrated by a 14 year old boy who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.  It tops my ‘Book of the Week’ charts thus far.  Other amazing titles I have read over the past couple of months, in no particular order, are:

  1. Dotty and the Calendar House Key
  2. The Grey-Eyed Storm
  3. Waters’ Reflection
  4. The Big Mistake Club
  5. Antiques & Avarice
  6. St. Matthew’s House
  7. Chasing Swells
  8. Lucky Rocks

I am currently in the process of reading the sequel to Antiques & Avarice.  With the first book leaving me with such a happy, fuzzy feeling due to the big inclusion of the animals in the novel, I could not help but dive in to see what happens next.

I am also in the final days of proofing my own animal treasure, CATHOOD, in paperback format and hope to have it available for purchase within the next week.  In the meantime, it is available for download on Kindle readers here.  Having worked with the wonderful Martu Germinario (illustrator extraordinaire), I cannot wait for our next project together 🙂




NOTE:  Partial proceeds from the sale of all books in the CATHOOD series are donated to NO-KILL animal shelters around the world, to assist with the cost of food, bedding, shelter, kitty litter, veterinary care, toys, blankets and foster care for animals which are awaiting their forever homes.

To all of my friends around the globe, I wish you good health and good fortune.  Be safe and be merry.  Happy reading! 🙂

Rosie xx


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