A guide to cat poisons in the home


Keeping your cat safe at home seems an easy task yet there are poisons in the home which are potentially fatal. So we have written a guide to all toxins found in homes around the UK to help owners keep there feline friends safe.

Black and Grey Short Coat Medium Cat

Human foods

Chocolate is delicious, most of us would agree, and there is usually plenty of it lying around our homes but it can actually be lethal to cats. Many people realise how dangerous our favourite treat is for dogs, but for cats it seems to be less known. The caffeine and theobromine found in chocolate cause the damage in cats. Milk chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and baking chocolate can be especially dangerous.

Similarly other foods, which seem harmless can be very harmful. For example, if a cat were to eat garlic or onions it can destroy red blood cells and cause a form of anaemia.

The best…

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