Somebody needs to say it, authors…

I read 2-3 books per day for a living.  Usually when an author is submitting a book and asking for a review, regardless of what type of review they need (personal or editorial review), the author is asked to submit a blurb with the manuscript.

A blurb is a short but eye-catching paragraph or two that will make the reviewer want to select that book for review.

A blurb is NOT:

1.  A list of all of the awards you have ever won for your manuscript; or

2.  A list of all of the reviews you have received (word for word) of your manuscript.

It is also not a cut-and-paste of the ISBN or the copyright page.  A blurb is simply a very brief run down of the plot and story line.


There are some genres that I will not review, regardless of how many awards or accolades are thrown in front of me regarding the manuscript.  I do not review:

a)  Religious books (I have my own personal reasons for this)

b)  Horror (yes, I am a wuss and have bad dreams)

c)  Supremely lengthy books (400 pages is a good length.  Anything longer, unless the book is outstanding in every way, makes me want to apply for an overseas holiday mid-read).

An accurate page count is also important when you are submitting your manuscript for a review.  It is the amount of pages (first to last page, not the cover) of your book in standard 12-14 pt font (children’s books not included).  If a book needs to be read in 14 days and you advise that it is 400 pages long but it is, in actual fact, 12,000 pages long, the chances of a reviewer picking up another one of your manuscripts is slim.

Please be as honest with the reviewer as you expect them to be when they read your book.

Lastly, please do not rely on your computer to spell check your manuscript.  Nothing is more frustrating than reading a book filled with typos that, quite clearly, the computer has been asked to fix.  If you are serious about writing and truly wish to produce something of quality, care enough about your work to proof-read it (and have a secondary proof-reader, if possible) prior to your submission.

Happy reading, happy writing, and have a great Summer !! 🙂

– Rosie xx


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