Queensland State of Origin 2016

I was born and bred in Queensland.  Being an Indigenous Aussie from Gubbi Gubbi Country, I have always lived and breathed the mighty maroon colours.


In 2010, I moved to Finland and, for the first year, my husband and I ordered the pay-per-view Origin games on the sports channels, but we vowed never again, after it was commentated by pommies who talked through the National Anthem.


Since being diagnosed as profoundly Deaf, I wondered how I would ever again watch the State of Origin, especially as the excitement of the game has never waned for me.  I now watch it, however, every year in text form online HERE – commentated by Ben Glover – who does a bloody good job of the play by play.


To all the lads donning the mighty maroon jersey this year, good luck, and kick some major blues butt !!


Just one sleep to go !!! QUEENSLANDER !!! 😀

– Rosie xx


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