Inaccurate book reviews? Oh dear.

I am left scratching my somewhat prickly, bald head right now, wondering what causes somebody who has clear warning of disturbing and graphic content in a book (as well as a free preview of 10% of that book) to flick through it, pay not much attention to the content before leaving a review that is filled with errors, before telling the author to vent elsewhere rather than write a book.  Isn’t that what books are for?  To channel all of your feelings, creativity and imagination into them?

Now that the ends of my fingers have splinters from my hair prickles, I will take a step back and ask you all… why do you write?  Do you do it to be rich?  If you answered yes to that question, then I am doing my best to be inconspicuous while letting out a sigh and rolling my eyes.  Most authors in the world never become rich – to become so is akin to winning the lottery (eg. J.K. Rowling).  Did you do it because you had so many thoughts inside your head that you thought putting them down on paper would be a way to let all those thoughts out?  I did that with my first book and it became an international best-seller.  It sure didn’t make me rich though.

*looks around at my surroundings*

Nope, definitely not living in the lap of luxury.  The room where I write my books is situated in the same room where the cats drop their WMD-nuggets into the litter box, making my eyes water.  So to be told I should channel my thoughts elsewhere makes me wonder what credentials the reviewer actually has in order to throw such advice my way.  Firstly, the reviewer mentioned characters from my book which I had never actually heard of, nor have I written about – so I am guessing maybe they should have actually read and paid attention to the story before leaving the review.

One of the most important things about reviewing any book is to get it right.  Quote the plot and its characters without throwing spoilers out there.  Say what you thought of the actual book and its characters, rather than imagining characters that do not appear anywhere in the book, and say why you felt these things.  Think of where the book would do well and who you would recommend the book to.  

Rather than warning people away from all of the books from a different genre written by the author, use your brain and realise that each genre is different.  You would not compare an author’s horror story or biography to their children’s books – to do so is foolish and shows that you are a true amateur who has no clue about literary reviews.

Lost and Confused Signpost

Finally, don’t source out illegal copies of the author’s book before leaving your review.  Purchase the book before warning others to ‘save your money.’  If you aren’t willing to do the right thing in buying the book (after the 10% free preview and warnings attached to the blurb), don’t leave a review.  It’s really that simple.  Not only are you committing a crime by illegally obtaining a copy of the author’s work, but you are adding insult to injury by giving an inaccurate review on your illegally attained copy.  Grow some balls.  Get some scruples.  And respect the authors who actually go out there and make a conscious effort to write a book.

I am so disappointed right now, but tomorrow is another day.  I will get out of bed, feed the cats and sit down at the computer, eager to continue on the children’s books, non-fiction books, horror books and humor books that I write, because that is what I do.  I write, whether books or reviews of other people’s books.  And I do it with my head held high.

To all of you authors out there who write for the love of writing and take pride in what you write by proof-reading before publishing, I salute you.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

– Rosie xx


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