What Indie Authors do right… and do wrong.

As an independent author (who is also represented by a publisher in London for one book), I like to help keep other Indie authors informed.  Some authors do better than others, and the reasons below are a good example of what they are doing right, as opposed to what is holding them back.


Always try to keep in mind that while it is fine to spread word about your book all over Facebook and Twitter groups that are created specifically for that particular reason, doing so on somebody’s private page is not okay.  You don’t want to be remembered for all the bad reasons.  Word of mouth works both ways, whether you are considered a positive or a negative in the literary world.

Don’t try to bully or pressure people to read your books and give reviews.  If they ask what you have available, provide a link and make sure it is something that won’t offend or scare them.  I have had a few people ask me if I would like them to review my work after I have reviewed theirs.  Remember, if they don’t ask, don’t offer.  It is akin to spam.

That being said, I have a whole bunch more books to read and review before the week is up, so happy reading to you all, and remember to always take time out for yourself so you can reflect on the good things in your life (whether past or present) in order to build a happier tomorrow.

– Rosie xx


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