G’day Finland… COVER REVEAL

With only a few weeks to go before the release of G’day Finland!, I figure it might be time to let you all see what is about to arrive!

While my Deafhood journey has been extremely difficult in Finland, the country itself is so beautiful, with a culture so unlike my own back home.   As a short and stumpy Blackfella who lives in a country full of fluorescent-white adonis-type giants, I have not only learned over the past seven years what a Finn’s kneecap looks like, but I have also learned a bit of the lingo.

My husband kisses the top of my head when he leaves the house… literally!  It is just too far for him to lean down.  But we have adjusted.  I have even pondered a career in garden gnome-hood, but since almost everybody lives in apartments, I figured things might turn awkward if I offered.  Instead, I forged my career in the literary arts, writing books, proof-reading books, copy-editing books, publishing books… but for the most part, I review other people’s books professionally.  It keeps me busy and it keeps me out of trouble, so everybody is happy.

Many people ask what it is like to move from one country to another where the animals, the climate and the language are nothing alike.  The answer:  bloody awesome!


Having grown up in the hot, harsh countryside of Australia where temperatures peak at around +50 degrees celcius, my husband and I had a very difficult decision to make after we married.  Australia or Finland?  Weighing up the differences, I figured that in Australia, the world’s deadliest (and ugliest) snakes and spiders outnumber the inhabitants by four hundred squillion to one, and everybody knows everybody’s business.  One fart on the school bus in the afternoon would be newsworthy enough that your dad knows about it before you get home.  But after hubby’s three months of hard yakka, he had fallen in love with just two things in Australia – kangaroo meat and my family.

We packed up my whole life and moved to Finland, where integration was a very long process, but well worth it.  I quickly adjusted to the -50 degree celcius winters and my love of the snow is only trumped by my love for my husband… and my love of squirrels.  People don’t talk to each other, stand near each other at a bus stop and only interact at ice hockey games.  But the hardest challenge was yet to come.  Five years of full time study, trying to learn the Finnish language while Deaf led me to a barely passing grade which enabled me to apply for citizenship.  From telling my husband’s grandmother that he has gone down the road for sex (I meant to say he caught the bus) to telling her that I would love some sexually transmitted disease with my cake (yes, an Aussie cuppa and a Finnish cuppa is not quite the same) meant my thinking gear was in for one helluva ride!


Pre-release: (Adjusting to a new culture, language and climate) – Kindle Edition

I hope to have ‘G’day Finland!’ released before the end of June.

Watch this space!

– Rosie xx


3 thoughts on “G’day Finland… COVER REVEAL

  1. This is a hoot!

    Reminds me of Bill Bryson. Only better.

    I don’t think it matters what language it is. There’s always an opportunity for surprises in translations (as opposed to lost in translation). Even lipreading sweet ass lemonade doesn’t quite translate to sweet as lemonade.

    I’m looking forward to your publishing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Mark 🙂

      How to be Deaf was published last month in paperback. Almost all other titles are up in Kindle. You can find them under “books” in the main menu at the top of the blog 🙂


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