Training Your Human

Muffin is pleased that his minions are being so proactive in training their humans!


To continue Katzenworld’s series on training, Pawfessor Loki and Headmeowstress River offer some of their most trusted techniques for training your human housemates.

Chances are, you know most of these methods like the back of your own paw. But just in case you were napping through Kittengarten, Katzenworld has you covered.

Problem: Your Human is Glued to their Mobile Device

Pawfewssor Loki brings his years of feline wisdom to the clawsroom. Pawfessor Loki

It doesn’t matter whether your human uses a tablet or a smartphone. If they are holding either one, chances are they are not petting or brushing you.

It’s best to take a direct approach here. You can communicate most effectively by getting right on top of the offending electronics.

Jump into your human’s lap, and rub your face against their smartphone or tablet. Stick your face over the edge of the screen. Walk repeatedly in front of the screen, making it impossible for your human to crush…

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