Online bullying by child predator.

As a professional book reviewer, one of the most rewarding things is to read a novel, children’s book or non-fiction story which has taken a lot of time, thought and is presented so beautifully, whether illustrated or not.  I have come across many books which fall under this category, rewarding them with prize-winning reviews for a job well done.

It saddens me, however, when you come across an author who prides themselves on being the most “elite” in the field of writing, bragging of their awards and incredible writing skills, when not a single person in the literary industry will touch them with a ten foot barge pole… yet when anybody dares give the author anything less than glowing praise, they suddenly have the person turn into their stalker, seeking out all of their critic’s work, social media accounts and more so they can smear every bit of their own toxicity onto the critic’s pages.

I am proud of the fact that I am always up front and honest with manuscripts which I read.  I judge the artwork on the cover, the presentation and layout on each page, the spelling and grammar contained within the text.  If it is of a high or a good standard, I sing the author’s praises.  If it is of an extremely low standard, I have the job of dealing the bad news to the author.  I am never harsh, but always offer constructive criticism so that they can proof-read, edit and represent their work in a much more reader-friendly format.

As today is Anti-Bullying Day in many places around the world, I am starting to wonder if I should wave a flag with this person’s face on it so the world can see what a bully looks like.  Instead, feel free to peruse my books and look for the 1-star rating with nonsensical babble under it.  Go to their page and read for yourself how ‘truly talented’ this bully is.  It saddens me that there are people like this out there in the world… people who write about graphic sexual encounters between young children and adults, spelling badly at every turn, claiming himself to be top of his graduating class, quoting so many reviews which are written by the CEO of a Cosmetics Company.  It pains me to see my colleagues in the literary world with their Twitter accounts blasted every few minutes by this fool who has nothing better to do, when I know that my colleagues are too busy to listen to his tantrums.

I have held back, at the request of the powers that be, in speaking my thoughts of this person’s retaliation and bullying after I failed to sing his praises when reviewing his work.  Regardless of his childish online bullying, I continue to go about my job as a professional book reviewer with pride, ensuring that the integrity of the company I work for is not compromised.  With nothing to fill his day that a two year old could not do, this child predator prides himself on bullying a Deaf-blind woman for doing her job, and when I openly asked him why he constantly writes about graphic sexual material, marketing his work for young children, he advised that “50 Shades of Grey” was written for little ones.


It must take a man with truly small …hands… to write such things about children, for starters.  Our kids rely on us to protect them.  They should not have to worry that on every street corner, there is some sick pervert waiting to molest them.  I feel sick, sad and sorry for this individual.  He is doing all he can to deter me from what I do for a living, but is digging himself a grave so deep that soon he will not be able to crawl out of it.

I have heard the terms “affluenza” and “sociopath” many times in my life.  I am starting to wonder if this particular person fits into both of those categories.  While I will not name this person, he know who he is.

My only advice to this person:  Grow a pair.  Seriously, GROW UP.  Be a man and stop acting like two year old having a major tantrum.  If you want to earn any respect at all in the literary industry, do something that will make people take you seriously.  Do something that you can truly be proud of.  Become a better person.  Start appreciating what you have in life rather than attacking people who pride themselves on their hard work and their honesty.

Feel free to check out Amazon and look for that 1-star review on all of my released books.  Check this person out for yourselves.  Sadly, I have seen how ugly his soul is, but it is time that the world saw it as well.  Please ignore the ‘awards’ he has plastered onto his book covers as he does not have permission to use them.  Ignore the reviews, as they are fake.  He has no pride, no integrity and is nothing more than a bully towards women and a predator towards young children.

May Karma nibble on your tiny giblets, you coward.  The moment you start traumatising women and children for fun, you stop being a man.  Know that you are now nothing more than the lint which I have brushed off my sleeve and have blown away in the breeze. I will pay you no more mind as I do have a life.  

Please stop wallowing in your own self pity.  A true author would look at a review that was lower than they expected, take heed in what was suggested to make their manuscript better and then work towards making it better than great.

I love reading all of the new books that come in each day.  There are so many talented authors out there, some of which seem to have their pens dipped in gold before writing their first word.  To all of these amazing authors and illustrators, thank you for making my job worthwhile 🙂

– Rosie


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