In sickness and health: BE OUR VOICE!

While this is not a community announcement, it is one of importance in which I think every pet owner worldwide should take note of.

Many of us have animals at home, whether they be goldfish, snakes, cats, dogs, ferrets or any other number of companions which keep our lives sane. We bond, we feel a sense of calm when they cuddle up against us (okay, maybe not the goldfish), and we feel loved.

Likewise, these animals look at us as their family and rely on us completely for their every need, whether it be for food, water, love, protection or cuddles.  While we all prepare, at some stage, that these animals may be taken away from us due to sickness or accident, most of us do not prepare for the fact that the reverse may take place – that we may be taken from them without any forewarning.


I have been owned by many pets over the years – dogs as a child, sharks and catfish as a teenager and cats for the past 20 years.  One thing never changes.  They do depend on you for everything.  If you suddenly disappear, they cannot pick up a phone and ring somebody.

For the sake of your pets – those little (or big) animals at home that own your hearts – I recommend that you print up one of the cards (pictured) and carry it in a prominent place in your wallet or purse, ensuring that medical personnel are alerted to the fact that you do have pets at home which will need to be taken care of.  Speak to all of your friends and relatives and find out which of them would be willing to step in and take care of them (short or long term) when you cannot.

Remember, we are the voices of those who cannot ask for help.  Pets are a lifetime commitment.  Their care – even in the event of an accident which leaves you hospitalised (or worse) – is in your hands.  Make sure they are taken care of when you cannot be there to do it yourself.

Love and appreciate your animals as the blessings in your life that they are.

– Rosie xx


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