Yellow Lenses, Less Eye-Burn.

As somebody who works in the literary industry, I find myself staring at computer screens all day.  When I am not penning a new book, I am reading books from other authors before giving them a professional book review and eligibility for book awards.  It has its perks, but it also has its draw-backs.  Eye-burn is the biggest down-side to the job.

Being legally blind, I have modified equipment at home and very expensive glasses to help me see the screen.  When I write, I use Microsoft Word.  If you go to the menu at the top of Microsoft Word, you will see an option for “Page Layout.”  By clicking on this, you are given many options, but for those who wish to preserve their eyes and have less headaches, I recommend that you click on “Page Colour,” where you will find a vast number of colour options to choose from.  Due to the smart nature of Microsoft Word, it will automatically adjust the text colour, according to which colour option you choose.  When I am reading another author’s book in word, I opt for a black background which gives me a white or off-white text.  When I am writing, however, I always use the light-tan colouring (third column, third colour down) which will allow your text to stay black, also enabling you to easily spot any layout errors in the final draft.


On occasion, I will come across a manuscript which has been forwarded to me in PDF format.  The colours of a PDF document, in most cases, cannot be changed.  On the one hand, I could always convert it to a badly-formatted epub document, but this takes away from the quality of the read.  Instead, I use yellow lenses.  You can purchase a decent set of these at any optometrist or sporting store.  Not only are they used for snow-glare but they are also used for night-driving, to reduce the glare of the oncoming headlights on the road.  I, personally, use them when I am reading a document on a bright-white background in PDF format, with the text at 190% sizing.  Not only is the text very easy to read, but it eliminates the headaches and the burning sensation that comes from looking at a computer screen for long periods of time.

I spend approximately 18 hours per day at the computer, making sure I do an excellent job in writing or reviewing books.  If you are in the same situation with your job, I wholeheartedly recommend you buy a set of yellow lenses over the top of your eye glasses (or on their own, if you are not somebody who wears glasses).

You’re welcome, and happy reading! 🙂

– Rosie xx


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