You are worth it.

To anybody who is caught inside an abusive relationship, know that your abuser will never change.  Don’t keep telling yourself that they will change or that they will one day wake up and be a better person.  While they may have good days and a good moment here and there, it does not make up for the fact that your abuser belittles you, hits you, threatens you, your life, the lives of the people you love.  You are an amazing person, regardless of whether you know it or not, and YOU DESERVE BETTER than what is happening to you.  Ignore your abuser when they tell you that nobody else would have you.  Only a coward would intentionally set out to hurt you when all you want to do is show them love.  Find a way to get out of your situation.  MAKE A NOISE with your family and police, ensuring that they know your situation.  Ensure that people around you will listen to what he has done, just in case he does the unthinkable.  YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THE PUREST GOLD and even alone, you will be in a better relationship than you are in with somebody who gets a kick out of hurting you.  DO NOT WAIT FOR HIM TO HURT YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN AGAIN.  Leave now, taking your children with you, before it is too late.  You are worth it.


To all Kindle authors out there, please take the time to check your DRM settings, as two of my books (one not yet released, but with many pre-release sales pending) had the DRM changed to the dreaded second setting, allowing a free-for-all and costing me all income which could have been gained over the past six months.  If you have fallen into the same trap, you will also have to unpublish your book and re-publish from scratch.

I am pleased, on the one hand, that I screen-captured those beautiful reviews which came of my first book, but disappointed that others will never get to see what previous readers had to say.  The one bonus I have now is that the book is now an award-winner and, with luck, that will bring in new readers, alerting them to the dangers of domestic violence, and what can happen if you wait too long to escape their abuser’s reign of terror over their mind and body.


To all who had read, rated and reviewed my first bookChange Your Name and Disappear: A terrifying true tale of survival,” I wanted to advise that due to a technical glitch within Amazon Kindle, one of the settings of my book had been changed, allowing it to be publicly distributed for free. Amazon advised that they were unable to fix the glitch, before apologising and advising that the only way to fix it was to unpublish and re-publish as a brand new listing, which I have done. Unfortunately, every single one of your five star reviews are now lost. But as an author whose sole income is the royalties from the sales of my books, I had no choice but to do so.

My first book has now been republished, however I am now literally starting from scratch.  When it was first published, it sold over 12,000 copies, resulting in just nine ratings and reviews.  While I know that it will take time to repeat such sales numbers, I hope that more people who purchase it will take the time to return to Amazon Kindle to leave a rating and review of what their thoughts were on the book.

Thank you for reading.

– Rosie xx

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