Emotional Tornado of Injustice

Today, while I was reviewing all of the books I had recently read, I came upon a book called “The Lighter Side of Finland.”  I was just about to click it on Amazon in order to read more, when something caught my eye.  To the right, a book called “The Dark Side of Finland” was shown – a giant swatstika on the front.  This sent my blood boiling.  As somebody who loves this beautiful country and lives in it with my hearing Finnish husband, I clicked the link to visit “the dark side,” ready to give the writer a kick in the pants.  What I found stopped me dead in my tracks.  After reading the plot summary, I suddenly understood the author’s anger.

Warren William McLachlan’s internet page, filled with many links (including a petition which I encourage you all to sign) is located at http://thedarksideoffinland.com/ and is definitely worth a read.

Here is a summary of Warren’s plight…

Warren met and married a Finnish woman in Australia.  They had a son (William) who was born in Australia.  Warren’s Finnish wife, pregnant with their second child, went on a holiday to Finland to visit her relatives and took William with her.  They never returned.

Warren received divorce papers in the post, along with his wife’s intent to retain custody of both children after the baby was born.  Because of pencil pushers needing to meet their paperwork quota in Finland, Warren had lost custody of his Australian born son and has still never met his Finnish born son.  After the second child was born, Warren’s now-ex-wife decided to start over and gave the children up for adoption, handing them over to the state (Finland).  While both children were in foster care, something happened to William which resulted in him being thrown into a mental institution, where he still resides several years later, drugged up to the eyeballs and without any rights after his mother abandoned him and his brother in Finland.

For fifteen years, Warren William McLachlan has been fighting tooth and nail from Australia to bring his children home.  Because he has no money to fly to Finland in order to challenge the state’s poor decision, Warren continues to fight from Australia.  Warren is permitted contact (by phone) sporadically with the son he has never met, however he is permitted no contact whatsoever with his Australian-born son who has been institutionalised.  He recently discovered that his Australian-born son has the right to a Finnish lawyer (funded by the state) but has no way to advise his son of this right.

Warren’s story can be found on Amazon Kindle here:


While I don’t support the use of the swatstika, comparing Finland to Nazi Germany, I do hear his plea and understand his fight.  I lost most of my rights as a Finnish citizen when I was diagnosed as profoundly Deaf in November of 2014 because of pencil pushers who were full of narcissism and lacked any empathy or understanding of what it is to be on the other end of their decisions.

Unless Warren is a threat to his children, there is no reason whatsoever not to reunite this man’s children with their father.  I was raised by a single dad and will forever love him for the sacrifices he made for me and the fights he entered into to protect me from harm.

No matter where you are in the world, please share this man’s plea and help his family become reunited.  They do not belong in foster care and mental institutions in a foreign country, 16,000 kilometres from a father who loves them desperately and will do anything to bring his sons home.  Please help find a way to reunite them.

And to Warren… please do not give up hope.

– Rosie xx


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