ALERT: Breach of Copyright!

Authors beware.  More and more, I have been finding companies who quite happily supply your copyright materials (books, music, comics) to their paid customers, even though they have no right to do so.  In breaching copyright, these companies take away all of your income from hard-earned work by we artists, writers, musicians and pocket it themselves.

Some of the worst offenders are sites called BEST BOOK LIBRARY, BOOKS DEITY, eBOOKSLOVER, and BOOK RIDDLE, which not only supply your works illegally to the public, but hide the work under a different author’s name.


These particular sites are also set up so you cannot send a warning of breach of copyright to the morons who illegally supply your books and other copyright works for free, while pocketing a hefty profit from members for their right to do so.


I have a standard letter that I tend to write to these companies, which often results in the copyright material being removed immediately (from those companies who genuinely were not aware of what their client was doing), along with an emailed apology, such as this:


To all of you who have put copyright works out there, whether as a PDF, ePub or through Amazon Kindle, I strongly recommend that you do a weekly search on Google and on YouTube for your name.  That is where you will discover your work being supplied for free by scumbags who need a good boot to the nads for stealing your royalties.


If you wonder why your book isn’t selling on Amazon, I can guarantee you that it is selling elsewhere online – and you are not seeing a cent of it.


Find the scammers/thieves, report the copyright breach as you are the owner of the work, and help shut these criminals down.

– Rosie Malezer


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