Be their voice. They are helpless.

A friend in Australia contacted me today, advising that their neighbour of a few doors down had gone on holidays and left their dog on a short chain in the yard with no food, water or shelter.  I urged this friend to contact the RSPCA in the local area or the police and report the matter.  Their response was that “maybe they will come back soon” and that they “didn’t want to get involved” with such things.


I have worked as a veterinary nurse for the RSPCA in Australia.  Emergency officers work 24 hours per day, attending to cases of abused animals.  If you ring their emergency number (1300 ANIMAL – 1300 264 625) and nobody picks up – which is highly unlikely, regardless of the time of year – then contact your local police on 131 444.

romanian dog poor

When you see an animal hurting, ask yourself a question that might seem odd, but is very important.

“If that animal were my own child or were a person that I loved dearly and I saw them without food, water or shelter and in a lot of pain, would I wait and see or would I intervene and help?”

These animals do not have voices.  They do not have telephones where they can call family to come and help them.  They trust their owners to do the right thing and take care of them.


It doesn’t take much.  Food, water, shelter and love.  If you cannot afford these things, let your pet have the opportunity to go to a forever home with people who can.  If you cannot bear to part with your pet, come to an arrangement with your local shelter.  But please, do not let your pet fall victim to abuse and neglect.


I ask you, please, do not give animals (whether adult or babies) as gifts, unless the gift is to yourself.  If you cannot handle the responsibility of the animal that you are planning to adopt, do the animal the biggest favour in the world… and let it be adopted by somebody who can.

If you see a neglected, abused or injured animal, be their voice and contact the authorities immediately.

Have a safe and Blessed Yule, and don’t forget to hug your pets.

– Rosie xx


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