ONCE UPON A KARMA Book Release… You’re Invited!

Circle the date on your calendars!  The 25th of December, 2015 will go down in history as the day when the internet went into melt-down.  People will not be on the streets because they will all be sitting at their computer with their finger at the ready on the mouse button…


Yes indeed, an imagination can be quite a powerful thing.  So can Krystal Hunter.  At the age of two, she already has the power to split the very planet in two if it wrongs her.

KARMIC KRYSTAL is a YA Paranormal Horror series like no other.  With not a single werewolf, vampire, shape-shifter or faerie in sight, Krystal has a unique gift, bestowed upon her by the Goddess herself, to rid the Earth of the evil doings of those who went unpunished the first time around.

Details are available HERE, and if you have friends or family that enjoy this genre, feel free to invite them along as well!

You are all welcome to attend this online event, unveiling the first book in the Karmic Krystal series.  By the time you finish reading the first book, you’ll  want to rethink being mean to a young child, her pets, her parents or her siblings, because you never know who might be watching…



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