How to be Deaf


At the moment, I am putting the final touches on my next Non-Fiction book.   My first, CHANGE YOUR NAME AND DISAPPEAR: A terrifying true tale of survival, deals with how to survive domestic violence and the loss of a child.

My second, and current book, HOW TO BE DEAF, deals with how to survive the sudden change of waking up Deaf in a hearing world.


For over 40 years of living in a hearing world, a woman wakes up one day without sound. After being diagnosed as profoundly Deaf, she realises that she now lives in a world filled with audism, surdophobia, and people who blind-side her at every opportunity.

After having her rights being taken away and being threatened with arrest for talking too loudly in a government building when she begs for an interpreter, she decides to put together a book for her younger self, in the hopes of softening the impact of such a hard transition. Going from hearing to Deaf really knocks the wind out of you, but not for the reasons you would expect.


Consisting of 100 pages, this book will not only open the eyes of the hearing community, both young and old, but will hopefully show people that taking people and things for granted in life is never an option.

We are all human.  It’s time we stop judging and learn to live in each other’s shoes.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Educational, Memoir

Pre-order your copy now for 2016!  FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Happy reading! 🙂

Rosie xx


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