Once Upon A Karma – an extract

With less than 8 weeks away from the release date of Once Upon A Karma (Karmic Krystal – Book 1), I wanted to give a tiny treat to my readers in the form of an extract.

Sometimes, dealing with an extremely drunk and abusive step-father can bring surprising outcomes…

Once Upon A Karma(extract) © 2015 by Rosie Malezer:

“Speaking of Anthony, where the fuck is he?” loudly interrupts Eddie from the living room.  He starts picking up the pillows and blanket that our overnight guest had rudely left in a mess on the sofa before leaving in the middle of the night, and throws them into an even bigger mess in the middle of the floor with an exaggerated dramatic sigh.  Turning my attention away from Eddie’s one-man soap opera in the next room, I resume my conversation with my father on the phone.

“Daddy, he did to me what Grandpa did when I was little,” I say.  When something smashes on the floor of the kitchen, I jump with fright before glancing up to see the horrified look on my mother’s face at what I had just said.  Eddie runs into the kitchen and frowns as soon as he sees the mess that Mum had made.  His face contorts with an irrational rage when he realises that it was one of his collectible beer steins that she had just broken.

“That filthy…. GRRRR!  I’m sorry, honey, I can’t help but want to throttle the sick mongrel pervert right now.  Do you want me to come and get you?  I can bring you home right away!” Dad says urgently, obviously wanting to take me as far as he could from harm’s way.

“You clumsy bitch!” Eddie screams at my mother.  As he raises his right fist into the air, I realise immediately what his intentions are.  Almost in slow motion, Eddie’s fist swings down towards Mum.  At the same time, Eddie’s feet slide towards me.  Thrown off balance, Eddie slips, landing face first, into the fragmented, jagged pieces of the broken stein.  When he lands on the floor, he inadvertently punches himself in the face with his own fist – the same fist he had raised at my mother.  Shards of the beer stein slice through his skin, leaving tiny trails of blood gravitating towards the floor.  His nose, however, oozes blood like a river rampaging towards a waterfall.  Not only does he have pieces of glass stuck to his face, but he has broken his nose with his own fist.  Well done, dickhead.  Doing everything possible to stifle the giggles that are trying to escape me from Eddie’s improve-theatre, I once again direct my attention back to the phone call.

Book one, titled ONCE UPON A KARMA, is available for pre-order on Kindle right now.


Book two, titled SPATTER, is already well on its way.  Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Book one HERE so you can follow Krystal’s story from the very beginning.


KARMIC KRYSTAL series’ genre:  Young-Adult Paranormal Horror

Happy reading! 🙂

– Rosie xx


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