Featured in Czech’s Deaf newscast!

At least once per month, I enter my name into Google with the sole purpose of sniffing out those who are attempting to breach copyright of my work, receiving payment of my books through some kind of illegal activity.  In the past five months, I have found and shut down three nasties who were doing just that.

Today, a new search came up which, at first, had me wondering which country it was from.  When I clicked, I found something that caused my jaw to drop to the ground.


Czech’s DEAF newscast had presented a signed story about how I had lost my hearing, written my first book and then moved on to other genres and continue to write more and more books.  When I saw my husband’s face appear on the newscast, I couldn’t help but smile.  This is a man who learned ASL (American Sign Language) just so he could communicate with me.  Even after all these years of marriage, my heart still swells with happiness when I see his face.

Regardless of all of the bad in the past, all of the surdophobia in the present and all of the ill news taking place right now in the world, I am Blessed that I am able to continue writing and that my story has been able to touch others, whether as a survivor of domestic violence, somebody who transitioned from hearing to Deaf from head injuries, or just somebody who learned to speak Finnish after five years of study, only to have to learn a whole new language when I lost my hearing.

I am grateful xx


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