Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – Freeze-Fix

Due to my Deaf/blindness, I am no longer able to see the screen of a smartphone.  My Samsung Galaxy 10.1 in screen tablet was old and also too big to fit into my handbag.  Having looked for months for a “phablet” – a tablet which can send and receive SMS – I finally realised that I could send and receive SMS on an ordinary tablet… and could even make phone calls (although not being able to hear the person at the other end was a major road block).

I purchased a smaller tablet – the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – which has a smaller screen than my old tablet and is about 3 inches bigger in screen size to a smart phone.  After setting it all up, I tested it with my best friend, who was absolutely stunned that it also works as a phone.  How do I know this?  I dialled his number and started rambling on and on while we were in a Facebook chat on the computer.  He heard every word beautifully and originally thought I had installed a special app to do so.  This was not the case.  The phone already had the “phone” and “messages” as standard.


While the size difference between my old and new tablets was minimal, I now owned a tablet that fit perfectly into my handbag, allowing me to use Deaf-Helper and Mighty-Text to communicate without having to resort to using my miniature whiteboard, a pen and some paper to erase the ink after each message.  It was truly great

Five weeks after purchasing it, however, I hit a glitch.  My new tablet froze and I was unable to fix it.  When the old tablet froze (which is as often as I inhale and exhale these days), I would simply hold down the power button for ten seconds and it would restart.  This was not the case with the new tablet.  The screen shone bright for two hours, burning its image into the glass in its wake.  I held down the power button for two minutes and my fingers started to complain, but nothing worked.

I visited different forums online, all of which said the same thing.  “Just reset it by holding down the power button.”  Yeah, thanks for that, people, but it doesn’t work with EVERY model.  I then came across one post that suggested something entirely different.  The forum guest was new and it was only his second ever posting in the forum.  His words:

“Yeah, I owned one or two of those in my lifetime.  They are not the same.  Hold down the power button AND the volume up button at the same time.  Works a charm every time.”

Sceptical, I decided to try it anyway.  All these experts, Samsung employees and geniuses had suggested the power button on its own and it didn’t work, so what did I have to lose?  I did as the newbie suggested and it worked perfectly.  Within five seconds, the tablet felt my kick in the butt, gave me the WTF screen and then rebooted normally.

To the anonymous newbie in that forum, I am grateful that I happened upon your post today.  You are a gem 🙂

– Rosie xx


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