Australian government, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

In Australia over recent years, the government have brought about some ludicrous laws.  All of these laws highly benefit the rich and thoroughly disadvantage the traditional owners of the land, regardless of their wealth (or rather, lack thereof).

One of Australia’s wealthiest women inherited a mining company from her father.  Prior to this, her father eradicated the indigenous owners of the lands he wanted to mine by poisoning their water supplies.  Many would die.  The survivors would be forced to move on to another place where, eventually, the same would happen again.


Less than 250 years ago, the world’s largest island, now known as Australia, consisted of over 500 countries, all of which were self-governed by their own tribe.  I am of the Gubbi Gubbi tribe, easily found on this map (in green) about half way down the eastern border of the island.

When England sent her convicts to the island, they slaughtered our men, raped our women, buried our babies up to their shoulders and kicked their tiny heads off their bodies as a sick soccer-style sport that destroyed the families that survived.  The remaining Blackfellas (yep, that is what we proudly call ourselves), were used as slaves.  Children were taken from their parents and sent to Christian orphanages to “whiten” their behaviour and remove their Pagan beliefs that Nature is our Goddess.

We were not allowed into bars, not permitted to vote, and were legislated as being “flora and fauna” instead of being human.  It took a very long time to get the rights that so many take for granted.

Today, we are allowed into bars but most cab drivers will not permit us into their cabs.  The police and military will not permit us to march on the remembrance days of our fallen soldiers who are Black.  And now, the government is trying to force us off our lands – out of our countries – once more, citing the reason as having lifestyles which do not fall into their comfort zone.  It costs “too much” to allow the natural rivers and streams to run through our land, apparently, so they cut us off completely by once again poisoning the water supply or cutting it off completely.


The Prime Minister of Australia and his wife are both so rich that they have off-shore accounts in the Cayman Islands.  The previous Prime Minister of Australia had his filthy-rich daughter awarded a scholarship to a school that she begged her daddy to let her go to.  Their lifestyle choices are very expensive.  Yet they instead opt to tell Blackfellas that living on our own land, killing our own food, living in our hand-made shelters and being self-sufficient is unsustainable to the Australian budget.

Seriously… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Our people, our countries, our beliefs, our cultures and our sacred sites have been destroyed by the Australian government for long enough.  Please, Australian government, stop acting like the savages that you claim us to be.  Gain some humanity and back off.


I hope and pray that the Australian government soon wake up and ask themselves what would happen if the roles were reversed… what if every single person in their families was evicted from their home, culture and country?

– Rosie Malezer (Deaf Gubbi Gubbi author)


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