Islamic State (ISOC)… and other morons

Last night, I took a valium.  The aim was a good night of sleep.  Then I read the news on my tablet.  For the first time in my life, no valium could fix what I was reading.  The ISoC (Islamic State of cowards) were at it again.

It saddens me that they do not even realise how cowardice they truly are.  While people rise up, band together, show their courage so they can start to heal, these ISoC members are hiding away in the sewers like the rats that they are, stinking up the only place they belong.

All these little boys from around the world think, “Hey, they carry guns and knives so they must be real men.  Let’s go join up with them,”  Yet in reality, if you take away the guns and knives from ISoC, they would break down and cry like two year olds who just scraped their knee if you bitch slapped one of them.  They need weapons – guns, knives, suicide vests – to try and feel like tough people.  They are nothing but cowards.

Last night, they did not just declare war on Paris; they declared war on humanity itself.  It goes without saying that more ISoC members will show their non-manly colours before this year ends.  So many people could hear them call out to their god before blowing themselves up in the hopes of waking up next to 40 flea-infested virgin camels.

What is more upsetting is the morons who try to use this tragedy – the 140+ lives of strangers who were taken away in the blink of an eye from their friends and family – to their own agenda.  Mr Donald Trump – the richest man to ever live with a squirrel on his head – is blaming the lack of guns in our handbags and pockets for what happened.  His political agenda in America which is pro-gun gets a rusty, acid-dipped star for that one.  Even the squirrel on your head, Mr Trump, wants to migrate elsewhere after such a ludicrous and arrogant statement on your part.

Then you have former star, Rob Lowe.  All looks, no brains.  He told the government of Paris that it serves them right for the attack because they should have closed their borders sooner.  Oh dear.  Had he ever used that brain to learn a few essential things about the world, he would know that France is a part of the European Union, just as Utah or Washington are part of United States of America.  In the EU, France is a state.  Germany sits at the head of the EU, just as Washington DC sits at the head of USA.  Closing your borders is not a state decision, Mr Lowe.  Unfortunately, the EU is in charge of those decisions and the states are powerless unless they choose to leave the EU… something that Mr Lowe probably thinks can be done overnight, just by that state packing a suitcase and leaving a note for mummy which reads “I’m leaving!”  Education is a good thing, Mr Lowe.  Please acquire some before making any further statements.

I am Pagan.  I am proud of who I am.  The only other religion in this world that truly makes me smile and gives me happy feelings is Buddhism.  Pagans and Buddhists have many things in common.  Peace, being at one with nature, no harming others, regardless of their species… yet the media keep referring to these ISoC terrorists as ISIS.  They are Islamic State.  They are not my Goddess.  The media do not seem to care that there are other morons in this world – fools who have euthanised their pets because they were called Isis.  Children are being abandoned, brutalised, beaten, bullied, because their parents named them after a Goddess.  I ask the media to please refer to them as Islamic State, IS, Daesh… or ISoC.


To the people of Paris – whether you live there, have family or friends there, or were merely visiting one of Europe’s most beautiful cities – all of my love and strength to you.  To those who were not injured in the terrorist attacks from ISoC last night, I ask that if you are physically able to do so, please go to your nearest blood bank and donate some of that life-giving red stuff.  If you have never given blood before, do not worry.  It really is painless, even if that first prick makes you jump.  The people who work at the blood bank do this for a living and can make you completely comfortable.  We need to rally together to help those who were injured, and to stock up for the next cowardice attack that befalls us.

I may be profoundly Deaf.  I may be legally blind.  But I notice more than people realise.  Letting so many people through our borders, regardless that they had no identification, no passports, and were not fleeing war-torn countries was the biggest mistake ever made.  I love this country and I also love the country in which I was born.  May the Goddess keep us safe and may Karma force all terrorists to wake up on a desert island together so they are not alone when they land at the feet of those virgin flea-bitten camels.

Blessed Be xx


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