One important status symbol missing

Over the past month, I have noticed more and more unique and interesting symbols thrown into people’s statuses on both Facebook and Twitter.  Today, I took the plunge and decided to do a search online as to just what symbols were available.  They are available on a few sites – none of which I feel are important enough to mention in my blog.  Why?  Because they seem to have left out one of the most important symbols in the Deaf world:


While I have no drawing prowess at all – my forte is writing – I threw this one together.  Incorporating the letters I – L – Y in ASL (and many other sign languages), this particular sign means “I love you.”

I found several sites online which dedicated many symbols to love; symbols such as hearts, hearts broken in two, shooting hearts, double-hearts, hand signs showing two hands shaking, two people holding hands, a hand holding a heart… so why not this?  It would be nice to think that the people who come up with these symbols also consider symbols that us Deafies might use – especially one as important and as significant as this one.

To all of you reading on this wonderful Friday the 13th – whether you are Deaf or hearing – I thank you for reading.  And regardless that we have most likely never met… I love you! 🙂

– Rosie xx


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