Hoop scarves… more weaving fun!

Over the past two months, I have used my hand loom to weave 17 pairs of socks for friends in Japan, United States, my husband here at home, and spares – just in case those eagle-talon toenails of his push right through the end of a pair, rendering them useless.

Note:  Marko, cut your toenails!

I have also woven pipos (beanies) and scarves.  I have a tube scarf, made many moons ago for when the temperatures plummet to -40 degrees and the wind is merciless outdoors, but in lighter temperatures, I only had wool and fleece balaclavas and scarves to rely on, resulting in bucket loads of sweat and a pair of glasses that would fog up every time I breathed out.  There would end up being more frustration within me than there was snow on the ground.

Last night, I decided to make myself a hoop scarf.  It can be worn under a jacket and you can raise the top to cover your ears and nose, whilst still being able to breathe THROUGH it.  I tested it on myself and not a single fog-breath touched my specs.

hoop scarf

The top and bottom of the hoop scarf is standard weave, meaning it can easily be rolled and stretched to fit long or short necks and keep you comfortable in all types of weather.  The middle is ribbed so that it contours to the wearer’s neck.  The rolled part of the scarf at the top can be unrolled upwards so that it comfortably fits over your ears and nose, while the ventilation holes guarantee fog-free glasses.  The rolling at the bottom stops any breeze sneaking down to your chest when the hoop scarf is worn under a jacket.

When my husband came home, he was very excited.

“New tea cozy?” he said, before causing me to produce my first face-palm of the day:

hoop scarf fail2_pp

Needless to say, I let him live since it was his birthday.  *sigh*

Anyways, should you wish to make a hoop scarf of your own (or a tea cozy for your husband’s head), use a 40cm round hand loom and double-up on the 8 ply wool.  I have used a double-up of blue, but you can use any colour you wish, or even create a marbling effect by using two different colours in the weave at the same time.

Have a wonderful winter – whether that be coming now or in six months – and happy weaving! 🙂

– Rosie xx


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