Nubia: My new Laptop! And it’s got a mouse! :D

Holy butt licks !! I think EVERY cat should have one of these !! 😀


Hi everyone,

You probably know how much I like to sit on laptops and sometimes I even feel tempted to scratch them… Well my hoomins finally realised that it might be a good idea to purchase me a laptop of my own. 😀


Nubia: Come one stop torturing me and open it up. 😀


Nubia: Right… It’s simple, just open the box for me and assemble it. 😀


Nubia: Now if this isn’t the most practical mouse ever! And It’s even USB! 😀


Nubia: At last my loyal servant has finished assembling the laptop for me! And he sure picked the purrfect background for me.


Nubia: I think it’s time to check out the caternet on my super cool FireCat browser! Firefox was so yesterday! :p


Nubia *scratch scratch* Hmmmm… Shortage of mice in in Scotland… Right that’s that of my holiday list!


Nubia: *scratch scratch* There are colourful birds…

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