PayPal reaches a new low with theft and fraud.

Right now I am beyond disgusted with PayPal.  Once (a very veeeeeeeery long time ago), PayPal was a place of repute.  People could trust them with their money.  Entering in your credit card and savings account information is a very daunting thing for some people, especially when they have almost none.

Recently, I gave two options to a friend of mine who needed to send some money overseas.  My first recommendation was TransferWise, since I had been badly bitten myself by PayPal after they held my funds hostage after I had sent a hefty sum from my Finnish bank account to my Australian credit card.  It was a payment which PayPal had suggested several years ago, since they do not allow two different countries to be linked, even if owned by the same person.  So for many years, I would pay my monthly credit card bill via PayPal… and that swiftly ended when they played games with my money.  I have used TransferWise ever since, without incident.

I am kicking myself so hard at giving my friend BOTH options – of PayPal and TransferWise – after what PayPal had done to me.  I knew that TransferWise was the better option – the more RELIABLE and SAFER option – but unfortunately, my friend went with PayPal.  I helped her set up her account due to the fact that computers are rather daunting to her.  After adding her checking account and credit card account, all systems were go.  Payments were going through to where she wanted them to be… until she hit a brick wall.


PayPal seem to have come up with a mysterious “outstanding transaction” which does not exist.  When my friend looked at her checking account, PayPal had been syphoning payments of $34 USD, trying hard to access an account which didn’t have funds to support their attempts.  As a result, her bank hit her hard with banking fees before PayPal hit her again …and again.  Out of desperation, my friend tried to remove her cards and close her account.  PayPal now refuse to let that happen, demanding that this mysterious transaction be paid to them.  As no payment had been instigated (and there is absolutely no record of any such payment), she has now contacted the Consumer Affairs folks to have PayPal investigated for theft and fraud.

My friend has sent several messages to PayPal through their messaging system.  In each message, she would convey quite clearly that she is Deaf and is unable to use a telephone.  Conveniently, PayPal would advise that they would call her on the telephone to resolve the issue as there was no other way to sort it out.


My dear friend has worked hard her entire life, lives on the other side of the planet to where I live, and I was fool enough to recommend these fraudsters to her.  I am weighted down by the guilt of making such a mistake.

I urge you all, please – do NOT trust PayPal with your money.  Do not trust them with your banking details.  While once they were reputable, now they are sharks with no regard for anybody for anything that does not bring them big dollar signs.

SHAME ON YOU, PayPal, for taking a person’s pension and stuffing it into your own pockets.  Your company disgusts me in every way.

I will be contacting my friend, Richard Branson, and discussing this issue with him.  With Richard, I have absolutely no trust issues.  With PayPal… never again.

– Rosie


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