Memoir of a Deaf/blind Domestic Violence Survivor.

For a limited time, I have re-released my memoir of how Domestic Violence cost me my hearing, my eyesight and the life of my son.  After fleeing 16,000 kilometres and changing my name, I wrote of my experience in the hopes of empowering victims and turning them into the survivors they can be.


Change Your Name and Disappear: A terrifying true tale of survival.

Happy. Healthy. Successful. Everything in Tammy’s life was great until the day her martial arts instructor, Steve, asked her on a date. Their whirlwind romance took her to a place only dreams are made of. But within a year, her life had become one of violence, beatings, imprisonment, miscarriages… until the birth of her son. After Steve almost killed the baby, Tammy took her son and left.

Then her baby died. Steve had instigated a sickening plan to bring her home and committed a heinous crime which he felt would surely lure her back to him.

Regardless of Tammy’s constant pleas for help, the state police refused to get involved. She finally contacted police headquarters. When detectives locked him up, Steve told them in no uncertain terms that if he ever sees Tammy again, he will kill her. On her doorstep, the detectives advised Tammy to urgently change her name and disappear. She complied.

Nine years later, Steve tracked her down and the injuries he inflicted upon her were so severe, she was left profoundly Deaf and legally Blind. Now living in a new country under a new name, this is her story.


FREE on Kindle Unlimited NOW ★★★★★

PLEASE, should you ever find yourself in abusive relationship, never try to change them.  Never hope they will see the light.  They will not change and you deserve better than their fists and/or verbal abuse.

When all seems hopeless, find a way – no matter what it takes – and leave your abuser behind.

– Rosie xx


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