When “Author Insomnia” strikes!

Ahhh, frustration is me.  I often wonder if other people suffer from the same affliction as I do:

AUTHOR INSOMNIA: The inability to sleep because the books keep writing themselves inside your head.

– Rosie Malezer (2015 and tired)

For the past few months, while working on my latest novel, I find my brain going into overdrive as I am trying to fall asleep.  It has nothing to do with the excitement of the day or even of anything remotely true-to-life.  It is, rather, my keyboard which won’t shut off.  After writing 18 chapters of “Once Upon A Karma,” my brain keeps writing and writing while I try to sleep.  I find myself thinking, “OH, THAT’S PERFECT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!” so I get up and start emailing to myself on the tablet of what I had just thought about.  Last night, this kept me awake until the sun was shining.


While it did pay off and filled a lot of pages with words of substance, I am left exhausted mid-afternoon and suddenly needing a nanna nap.


Since Krystal will be celebrating her sixth birthday in three weeks, I am in awe of what she achieved in the previous week alone – dishing out justice to a pedophile/rapist, preventing her mother being beaten up by an attacker, saving some garden fauna from death at the hands of a psychopath and budding serial killer, reviving beloved pet which was close to death and punishing his abuser in the most interesting way and suitable fashion.

With all of this Author Insomnia, at least Krystal is kicking some major ass.  This makes me smile inside and out.

Now… time for that nanna nap.

Zzzzzzzzzz……. xx


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