CATHOOD presents: Muffin and Milly’s Big Fat Tales!

CATHOOD (the Original Cathood Blog) is a book for animal lovers of all ages and shows the world through the eyes of a cat called Muffin, after he is adopted by a Deaf human called Tarja.  Together, Muffin and Tarja teach each other many valuable (and often humourous) lessons in life.

cat cover final_2ed

CATHOOD also has four books for the younger reader which feature Muffin and Milly.  At the moment, they are released on Amazon Kindle as story books, but when the print books are released next year in stores, they will be interactive story / colouring books.

Muffin and Milly’s Big Fat Tales (Vol 1) introduces a variety of animals which become pivotal to the stories ahead, with each making a repeat appearance, and it teaches the animals how to use their imaginations and how to link in their dreams so they can have incredible adventures, whether on the ground or above the clouds.


Muffin and Milly’s Big Fat Tales (Vol 2) deals with life on an Australian farm and the unique animals that you meet in Australia, both on a farm and in the wild.  When one of the animal friends finds themselves in trouble, all of the other animals come to the rescue to try and save their friend from danger!


Muffin and Milly’s Big Fat Tales (Vol 3) deals with deforestation and how all of the animals (and a couple of humans) come together to try and fight the destruction of their homes while helping those who are left homeless.


The fourth book in the CATHOOD series is soon to be released.  Watch this space!

– Rosie xx


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