Illustrating just got a little easier

With three different genres in my pocket, I haven’t had to worry about illustrating until recently.  My children’s book series is well and truly up and running, but after a whole lot of head hunting and some major let downs, I ended up looking around online to see what is available to me which I can play with in my spare time.

Although the Karmic Krystal series will not be illustrated, I first had a little bit of fun with an app called BitStrips.  The result was corny and cute, but it is not something I would be able to use in my CATHOOD series.


BitStrips is an online program which allows you to create an animated version of yourself in various scenarios.  It also lets you create your own captions.


After spending way too much time on cartoons which will be of no use to me in the Karmic Krystal series, I wasted just a little more time before I moved on.


As silly as these might seem, they took me from a rocky mood and put me into a somewhat more relaxed (and amused) place.  Finally I had a look around and sought out something which specialises more in animal pictures which do not breach commercial usage rights.

I put the following together as the new header on my Cathood Blog page for Facebook.  Although it won’t win any medals, at least it’s a start.


The Cartoonizer allows you to create whichever animals you require for your books, your shirts, your coffee mugs or hats… or even those weird people who put pictures on their undies.

Hey – YOU IN THE CORNER – quit laughing at my pictures!

For those who wish to do their own illustrations, you might want to check these out for yourself and take some of the stress out of publishing the masterpiece which you have written!

Happy illustrating! 🙂

– Rosie xx


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