KARMIC KRYSTAL extract – Enter Sergeant Joel Whiting ^_^

Just one week to go until Krystal’s sixth birthday.  Karma is on her side when Eddie once again crosses the line…

(Once Upon A Karma – an extract. Copyright © 2015 Rosie Malezer)

One look at all of the blood forces Eddie to puke the entire contents of his stomach – beer and all – onto his feet, as his sister runs down the stairs to her son.

“What did you do?!” Sheila screams at me, accusingly.  She pulls Gavin’s shirt over his head and quickly wraps his left hand, trying to contain the bleeding.

“Call a fucking ambulance, dammit!” she screams at my mother.  Jake is also screaming, startled by the ruckus and carnage going on around him, but my mother cradles him tight as she rings an ambulance for Gavin.

When Eddie stops vomiting, he looks at me and says to his sister, “I told you the little bitch was nothing but trouble.”

“Shut up, Eddie!  I didn’t do anything and you know it!” I yell back at him.  With my shirt and face covered in Gavin’s blood, I walk to the front garden, release the baby bearded dragon into an area dense with shrubbery and go to sit in the shade under the house.  Eddie makes his way down the stairs, has a quick look at his nephew’s severed hand before walking up to me, lifting me to my feet and backhanding me across the face.  You never learn, do you Eddie?


The ambulance arrives, shortly followed by the police.  After the ambulance officer checks me over, seeing that my lip is bleeding, Gavin is quickly loaded into the ambulance while he and Sheila are transported to the Emergency Room.  A police officer then interviews me while Eddie and my mum are in the room.  Jake is finally asleep after Mum changes his diaper and fills his belly with milk.

“Don’t believe anything the little bitch says,” growls Eddie.  The officer stares daggers at Eddie and notes that he has blood on his right hand.

“Would you prefer to talk to me alone, Krystal?” the police officer asks.  After looking at my mum, I decide that it would actually be better if all were present for what I had to say.

“No.  I am not scared of him.  He likes to hit women and little girls but I am not afraid of him,” I say – my head held high.  Eddie’s eyes become slits, he is so angry, but he says nothing as the officer looks over at him.

Reaching into his pocket, the police officer pulls out a notepad and pencil.  He also unclips his police badge from his belt and hands it to me.  It is the very first time I have ever held a real police badge.  I touch it, feeling the coldness and the ridges.  It felt real, alright.

“Krystal, my name is Sergeant Joel Whiting and this is my police shield,” he says.  “The reason I carry a shield is because it is my job to protect people who are in danger of being hurt.  I shield them from danger so they will be safe.  Do you understand?” he asks.  I nod my head as I continue to feel how strong the shield is.  “Krystal, can you tell me what happened here today?”

I focus my mind, blocking out all distractions, including Eddie’s glaring eyes.

“Today I met Eddie’s sister, Sheila, and her son, Gavin.”

“That is AUNTY Sheila to you, Krystal!” Eddie yells.  Sergeant Whiting warns Eddie to not interrupt me again or he will be placed in the police car, handcuffed, until the interview has finished.  Rolling his eyes, Eddie folds his arms like a sulking two year old.

“Eddie is married to my mother but he is not my father, nor is his sister my aunt.  I live with my daddy and I am only on holidays,” I say before continuing.  Nodding, the policeman starts making notes.  “Gavin took me down to the garden to show me some animals.  First he went under the house for something and then came back.  He grabbed a baby lizard and showed it to me.  Then he put the garden shears around its neck.  The lizard got away and Gavin cut off his hand instead.  There was lots of blood and we both started screaming,” I tell the policeman.

Silence fills the room.  Even Eddie looks shocked by what I had said.  I then continue my statement to Sergeant Whiting…

“Sheila ran downstairs, pulled Gavin’s shirt over his head to try and make the bleeding stop spraying us.  Eddie puked on the floor.  Mummy rang the ambulance while Eddie and Sheila told me how terrible I am.  I sat under the house to wait for the ambulance and Eddie pulled me up and hit me across the face, splitting my lip open.”  Both my mother and Sergeant Whiting turn and look at Eddie, whose face is now glowing red with embarrassment.

“She is a fucking liar.  Seriously, I never touched her!” he yells.  The police officer had a closer look at my mouth and, again, looks at Eddie’s bloodied hand, noting that his hand is the only part of his body with blood on it.

“Please stand up and put your hands behind your back,” Sergeant Whiting says, removing his handcuffs from his belt.

“SHE’S FUCKING LYING, DAMMIT!” Eddie screams with rage, making my mother cringe.  Jake starts crying from the bedroom and my mother quickly excuses herself to see to the baby.  While Eddie is read his rights, I sit on the couch and watch as the policeman cuffs Eddie and leads him down to the police car.  One night in jail will cool you off, you asshole.  When Mum returns with a tearful Jake, we go down to the car and she drives us home.

(end of extract)

Finally a night of peace and quiet lies ahead… or does it?

– Rosie xx


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