TIP: Writing contests online!

It was not until recently that I only wrote books and blogs.  Nothing more.  But last week, I found that there are many writing contests online also.  Some have a small entry fee and some are free to enter.  All have very strict guidelines.

What I like the most is that these competitions don’t come with the usual “Open to US residents only” or “Only open to UK residents.”  These contests are open worldwide and are year-round, but if you miss the deadline, you simply need to wait until next year before you try again.

The best ones to enter, of course, do not require you to outlay any funds.  You can find a list of free competitions here:



Don’t mind paying an entry fee of £20 or so?  Then maybe these might interest you:




No matter the reason – whether you have free time and want to try your hand at writing or even if you are mid-novel and have writer’s block or need a break, it is well worth your while to enter these contests, as the prize money alone for first prize is anywhere between £600 and £25,000.  Runners up generally receive around £100 each.


One of the tightest rules these competitions have, however, is that your work must not have been published anywhere, whether online or in a book.  So if you are up for the challenge, get fingers to the keyboard, pen to paper, brain into gear… and get writing!  What have you got to lose? 🙂

– Rosie xx


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