The process is almost complete!

As an author with seven more books waiting for publication, it never ceases to amaze me how big of a buzz I get at each and every step of publication.  My first book, “CHANGE YOUR NAME AND DISAPPEAR: A terrifying true tale of survival” is almost in its final stages of worldwide release with my publisher.

After the contracts were signed and the full manuscript was sent, life went on as per the norm.  I continued writing, went through ups and downs regarding my eyesight, did my housewifey fun-stuff each day, watched television with my husband, Marko.  Every day was same old, same old… until two weeks ago when my publisher contacted me, asking me to approve any changes they had made to the manuscript.

Accompanying the edited copy was a letter from the Chief Editor, complimenting my spelling, grammar and an almost perfect copy of a manuscript.  She advised that she wished every manuscript was so polished.  Regardless that I am a professional proof-reader, copy-editor and writer, I was actually mind-blown to have somebody else say such nice things about my work.


After changing all of her alterations back to the original state (the word “Deaf” had been uncapitalised to “deaf”), I requested that it not be changed to lower case again as I am a member of the Deaf community.  This was accepted by the Chief Editor.

I then read through the Press Release and the “Blurb” which will be going on the back of the book.  When advising that I wished to write my own, the publisher was open-minded and asked me to submit it as soon as possible to the Chief Editor.  This was done and they were happy with what I had written.

Finally, today I was asked by the publishing team in London if I had any fonts for the book which I had purchased for commercial use.  I sent them off immediately and they are now working on the cover.

When I self-published and printed 20 limited first-editions of my book, the feeling that went through me when I held that first copy in my hands was almost overwhelming.   The Kindle edition sold almost 12,000 copies in 90 days.  The sense of accomplishment I felt, especially after the government has deemed me “unemployable and useless” as a profoundly Deaf/legally blind citizen, cannot be put into words.

Each and every step with my publisher now brings the same “high” with butterflies going insane inside my stomach, and my smile getting so big that my lips are almost touching my ears.  It truly is an amazing feeling to see your book reach its final destination, resulting in worldwide distribution and purchase.


Although I am not rich in the financial sense, I do feel a sense of richness in the books that I write.  It fills the voids in my life, gives me a sense of self-worth, and it proves once and for all that Deaf/blind people are less useless than most members of parliament.

My autobiography will be available in book stores worldwide as well as available for purchase online before the end of the year.  I pray it will be the first of many successes in my life since taking up writing professionally.

– Rosie xx


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