TIP: Writing need not be mundane

Often, my Publisher asks me to slow down when I write as they have some problems keeping up with me.  It has nothing at all to do with “pushing out nonsense as fast as I can,” but moreover a case of a Deaf woman who never leaves the house and has a typing speed equivalent to talking speed (170 words per minute).

Being an Proof-reader and Editor myself, I have read many books over the years.  Some have put me to sleep.  Some have had me hanging on every single word.  The likes of C.C. Hunter (Christie Craig), Cate Tiernan, Amy Plum, Lauren KateAlyson Nöel and Mark Gardner are some of the best writers I have ever come across, but my absolute favourite was none other than John O’Grady.

What is their secret?  Decisive planning.  Having a plot.  Not re-using the same words and phrases over and over again.  The characters in their books have depth and volume, with each having a back-story of their own.


One of the easiest things to do is to trip over yourself with over-use of words such as:

  1. suddenly
  2. stunned
  3. shocked
  4. surprised
  5. very
  6. big
  7. then

…. and already I am falling asleep at such words.

Here’s a tip.  The following sites online are absolutely FREE to use, plus one gives the added bonus of emailing a word per day to your inbox.  When I am writing, I use this emailed word in the daily writings of my currently-worked-on manuscript.  Sometimes it is a huge challenge to do so, but since the word comes with the full and complete meaning, this ends up not being such a chore.  Those two sites are:




There is no need to spend a fortune on guide books for writing in order to put a great story onto bookshelves around the world.  As long as you are able to keep your audience engaged in the storyline, you can consider yourself accomplished.

One more thing: Keep your eyes peeled for any writing competitions online which are held by reputable firms.  Writer’s Digest usually has one or two competitions each year, with the prizes for first, second and third being a hefty sum that any empty wallet might welcome.


– Rosie xx


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