CATHOOD: A Perfect Cat’s Empire!

Today is the day!  Muffin’s bigger and better CATHOOD: The Original Cathood Blog has been released!

For all Kindle Unlimited users, you can read Muffin’s book for FREE.  All others can catch a free preview online before you decide to buy for just $2.99 USD, delivered directly to your Kindle!

cat cover final_2ed

With five books in the CATHOOD series, now you can read the book that started it all.  With Muffin’s humble beginnings inside an underwear drawer, he has come a long way, entertaining people of all ages – not just with his books but now also with his CATHOOD blog online, which he accesses occasionally to give his animal-loving fans extra peeks into his life as the world’s Perfect Cat.


Muffin’s biggest complaint lately has been how I only “allow” him 24 hours each day in which to sleep.  He has threatened to go to the Perfect Cat’s Union in order to demand more sleeping hours.  Until then, he will just have to make do with just the measly 24 hours per day allocated to him for his chosen sleeping routine.

It’s a good thing he is not demanding or anything…

– Rosie


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