Going… going… almost gone.

It was a real eye-opener for me, publishing my first book.  After writing it, making sure it was edited, proof-read (yet I still missed one typo in a 100,000 word book), I have learned a lot.  Two days after I published it to Amazon Kindle, I finally received my big break, having rejected the first two Publishers who wanted to sign me.


I had no idea back then about KDP, KULL, lending libraries, taxes or anything else.  All I knew is that what I lived needed to be told.  I worried how folks would react.  Most of my family were horrified when I unveiled the truth about what happened.  My dad blamed himself and so did many of my friends.  But what happened was not about them.  This was about stopping what happened to me from happening to others.


In total, over 12,000 copies sold on Kindle in 90 days.  Not a single bad review was received.  Even the Canadian Police learned a lot from the Logan Police on how NOT to treat a domestic violence victim, regardless of the colour of her skin.

In three hours, my book will be removed from Amazon Kindle so that my Publisher in London can finish his job.  The hard copies, 2nd Edition Kindle copies and audio copies will be distributed worldwide in early 2016.

Thank you to all who purchased autographed 1st Editions.  Only 20 were printed and every single one of them were sold.  If my story saves even one person, it was worth it to get the book out there.

For those who want a last-minute grab from Amazon Kindle, you can download the book HERE – but in just a few hours, it will be gone.  Thank you again.

– Rosie xx


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